Scary Ghost Tours On Galveston Island

Galveston Island is a great place to visit during Halloween time. It offers a lot of different ghost tours that are based on real-life events and experiences. Through these tours, you can learn a lot about the past and present haunting experiences in Galveston. Let’s take a look at some of the ghost tours on Galveston Island.

Dash Beardsley’s Ghost Tours of Galveston

One of the best ghost tours on the island. Dash Beardsley offer ghost tours that are based on authentic information gathered through different evidence and the local’s account. This tour also focuses on the recent and new paranormal experiences as shared by the locals. This tour consists of three parts. i.e. Original Ghost Tour On The Strand, Restless Spirits Tour, and the Secret Society Cemetery Tour. The tours usually last for 2 hours however you will never get bored in those 2 hours.

Galveston Lantern Light Ghost Tours

This is one of the oldest tours on Galveston Island. The Lantern Light Ghost Tours are arranged every month. Each month has its significance when it comes to paranormal activities and experiences. October is a very busy month for Galveston Lantern Light Ghost Tours. This is because most countries in the world celebrate Halloween in October. These tours include real paranormal experiences. You will be able to learn a lot about the past and present paranormal activities on Galveston. All these ghost tours are based on the real life experiences of the locals of Galveston.

Historic Galveston Ghost Tours

Historic Galveston Ghost Tours tell you a lot about the rich and haunting history of Galveston. The tours are scary yet very informative. These tours may be haunting but they will make you come back to Galveston every year. The stories you will hear on these tours are going to be unmatched but what makes these stories more haunting is the fact that these stories are based on real life events and experiences. 

Galveston Caszatt Condos

Every year hundreds of people visit Galveston Island to spend their vacations. If you don’t know anyone on the island then one of your biggest concerns would be to find accommodations. Galveston Caszatt Condos offers a comfortable and competitive condo for you to stay in. We have three different condos which are all located on Seawall Boulevard. We have one ocean view condo and two oceanfront condos. The view of the ocean adds a lot of value to the entire condo living experience.