Explore Galveston Island On A Electric Scooter


Do you want to explore Galveston Island without the hassle of driving, finding a parking spot, and paying for parking? Grab a Crab at Crab Scooters located at 714 25th Street on Galveston Island, TX, and explore Galveston Island on a rented motorized scooter.

The scooters travel about 15 miles per hour and have an 18-mile range. The scooters provide tourists with a low-cost, environmentally-friendly form of transportation that hasn’t been offered on the island before.  All ages enjoy riding the scooter from teens to baby boomers. “You can’t ride one of these things without smiling.”

It’s basically an online service with local delivery.  Similar to Uber or Lyft, Crab Scooters are delivered directly to the rider and then picked up once a rider is done traveling. As of now, the rider requests the scooters by calling 409-443-5277.  Crab Scooters hopes to have an app ready soon for the rider to order a scooter.  

Riders must be 18 to ride and a 5-minute safety and traffic etiquette class is provided upon delivery. It costs $15 for the first hour to rent a Crab Scooter and $10 for every hour after. However, check Crab Scooters Facebook Page for specials such as all day for $20 every Monday through Thursday and $30 all-day Friday through Sunday.